The Season so far!

I cannot believe the amount of amazing people i get to meet at Blueys! I started playing here last year and although i have been out of the country and unable to play again this year I still feel very much part of the community with all the good friends i have made and in return they too have introduced me to many more people in the community!  The horses are always immacualtly turned out, have beautiful conformation and never seem to put a foot wrong even with me a complete amateur at the sport!

This season has been unbelievable with so many great events, especially the Ladies Sugar Bowl but of course its not all just about Polo, The clubs founder and Owner this year has very graciously helped the local Hurst Riders Club to put their event on at Blueys on 26th July.  It looks to be a great year for their show! Of course Blueys not only gives back through helping local clubs but they raise a lot of money each year for good causes and although it has not been announced as yet i just know that the charity Tournament on 1st & 2nd August will be a good one.